There are some moments in life when you take a decision which can change your entire lifestyle. Such a moment came in my life when I quit my secure and well-paying job of a Brand Manager in a reputed organization and decided to try something which I have been dreaming of since childhood. I decided to become a travel photographer as well as a travelogue writer. I took Brand Consultancy side by side which would give me sustenance as well the freedom to travel at will.

From June 2009 to June 2010 I undertook five treks in Uttarakhand and Eastern Himalayas. Traveling without the pressure of office was fun. In December 2009 I stayed for 21 days at Konkan coast, staying at fisherman’s village, discovering virgin and unknown beaches and eating delicious Malvani food. All of a sudden, I was discovering a new meaning of life. Being a  bachelor helped me. My parents were well accustomed to my whims, so there was no objection to my career change.

The story started from 2009 and is steadily moving forward. I am continuing my Brand Consultancy in tandem with photography assignments. Sometimes I take short term consultancy assignments with different organizations. I am not yet sure whether I will return to a full-time job. It depends on the opportunity.

I have restricted my assignments to travel based works with an occasional shift to interiors and product photography.  Till now the run has been satisfying for me with quite a few assignments and publication till date. There is nothing better choosing a profession which is actually your passion.

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